The Connection Between Massage Therapy and Improved Sleep Quality

Many people suffer from poor sleep quality. Studies show that difficulty sleeping may be a result of medications, stress, and certain medical conditions. The American Massage Therapy Association recommends massage therapy so you can sleep better. Knowing the connection between this therapy and better sleep quality can motivate you to set an appointment. Here are the details.



The Importance of Quality Sleep


Research shows that sleep affects your general wellness and health. Lack of sleep often leads to chronic ailments like depression and diabetes. Workplace reports indicate that not enough sleep can also result in injuries, crashes, and even disabilities. Inadequate sleep is unhealthy and dangerous. That is why good quality sleep must be a goal, especially after a hard day. 



How Massage Therapy Helps You Sleep Better


The body goes through many stresses each day. Pain, injury, and anxiety can disrupt the length and quality of your sleep. Your body and mind need to unwind and relax. This prepares your body for a good night’s sleep. 


Research reveals that massage therapy can soothe your pain and boost your mood. It can also fight chronic ailments and insomnia. Massage can trigger the production of more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enables the brain to prepare for deep sleep. It slows your brain activity, preparing your body for a restful sleep. Massage therapy also increases the delta waves in the brain. These waves help you reach the deepest level of sleep. 


The duration of massage therapy that you get will depend on your needs and health issues. Typical sessions often last 30 minutes. You should come on two times each week. Most patients report significant improvement after one massage therapy session. 



Types of Massage for Better Sleep Quality


Assessing your physical complaints and sleep issues will come first. Asking you about any chronic ailments will follow. Your provider will then recommend the right type of massage that will fit your needs. The therapist will also determine the techniques that you can tolerate. Here are some of the common types of massage that can improve your sleep quality:


  • The trigger point massage focuses on loosening muscles from their sore spots. 

  • The Swedish massage is popular for its gentle, long strokes, circular motions, and kneading. These techniques can help your body calm down and relax. 

  • The deep tissue massage reaches the deep layers of muscles. It can promote relaxation and relieve pain at the same time. 

  • Sports massage has the techniques of Swedish massage but targets people who play sports or work out all the time. 

  • The head massage applies acupressure on specific points on your head. It can focus on areas from your eyes, to your ears, to your nose. These acupressure points can help you achieve better quality sleep. 

  • Foot reflexology involves massaging the bottom of your foot. Research reveals that this area has 15,000 nerve endings that connect to each major part of your body. Massaging this part of the foot can help relax you. 

  • The face massage can relieve the stress on your face. The gentle touches can soothe your tension and help you rest later in the day. 


Massage therapy can help improve your sleep quality by soothing your body and mind. At BL Spa, we help our patients achieve the highest level of health and well-being. You can visit our facility in Glendale, Arizona, for an in-person consultation. Please call 602-675-1776 to set an appointment or ask about our massage therapy packages. 

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