Declan Cooney

Massage Therapist

He is a recovery therapist specializing in Bio-Mechanical Restructuring and Injury modalities. He began his career 10 years ago, after being the victim of a hit and run incident on my motorcycle in which he was run over.

Codi Graybill


This is Codi! Her love of wellness has led her to all things skincare.

Book a service with Codi for a radiant glow and relaxation of mind and body.

Kaylyn Webber

Nail Artist

This is Kaylyn Webber, she is a fun loving and passionate beauty expert. She’s a Phoenix local and adores her four adopted pets. She graduated from a Cosmetology course at Penrose Academy in 2019 and has been loving her career ever since. She strives to express herself through her art and to make everyone she meet feel like their best self!

Tony Skiba

Nail Artist

This is Tony, she loves transforming people with nails. She specializes in Acrylic Services and Nail Art. Her Favorite thing is watching people’s demeanor change when they add length to their nails

Jada Martinez

Nail Technician

This is Jada. She specializes in Gel X, acrylic, and character designs. She wants to make your nail art dreams become a reality.

Andrea Buendia


Andrea graduated from Skin and Makeup Institute in 2021 and that's where her love grew for skincare and making people feel their best! From a young age, she knew she wanted to be an esthetician and struggled with acne herself. She now dedicates her time with helping others with their skincare and treatment needs.

William Marsh

Massage Therapist

An Intuitively focused healer, William Strives to always better the ways he can help others. With deep tissue and therapeutic backgrounds, he also utilizes reflexology and energy work to address a multitude of issues. He finds purpose and joy in providing care and aid to those around him.

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