What to Do Before and After a Massage

Therapeutic massage is a treatment method that helps your body in several ways. It helps relieve muscle pain, body aches, fatigue, and stress. It also relaxes muscles while improving fluid and blood circulation. For someone seeking benefits from this therapy, it is best to know how to prepare yourself.



What to Do Before a Massage



Before beginning the massage session, it is advisable to take a shower. If you have time constraints, wipe your underarms and sweat-prone areas with a damp cloth. Cover any open wounds and inform your therapist beforehand. Avoid going to the therapy session on an empty tummy because massage tends to stimulate your body’s digestive system. As a result, you will feel quite hungry after the session. To avoid this, eat a light meal or snack at least one hour before the massage.


Refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothing during the session. Instead, dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes as you will appreciate them afterward. Carry a light snack and water since you may need them when recuperating after therapy. Avoid smoking before the massage session if you do. It can taint the results of the treatment.



What to Do During the Massage



During the massage, talk to your masseuse about your expectations from the session. Do this whether you need pain relief from injuries or general relaxation. Inform them about cuts, wounds, or areas where you need concentration. Before getting on the massage table, you will remove all or most of your clothing. However, this is not a requirement. Undress only to the extent that you are comfortable. Why? Comfort is a requirement to benefit from the treatment.


It is natural to get sleepy during the massage. It makes your body and brain relax and releases feel-good hormones. However, fight the urge to sleep to maximize your enjoyment of the therapeutic session.



What to Do Post Massage



After relaxing on the massage bench, your masseuse may recommend some things before leaving. These may include:



Steam Bath and Shower



A hot steam bath after a massage is the icing on the cake after a relaxing session. It helps relax your muscles and sweat, detoxifying and opening the pores on your skin. A good shower afterward rejuvenates your senses and snaps you back to reality. It also washes off all the massage oil to ensure it does not sip into other layers of your skin.



Do Not Sleep



Massage therapy can relax you to the extent that your first thought can be to hop in bed. Medical experts say that doing this is the worst thing you can do. Avoid this lure at any cost. To reap all the benefits from the massage, try your best to remain active by enjoying the perquisites in the massage parlor. These include yoga and weight training. Exercising afterward helps you get in shape and gives you an upbeat feeling throughout the day.


Life has many stresses and responsibilities that may take a toll on you physically and psychologically. Do not worry about spending some money on a massage since it can help.


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