The Top 5 Treatments to Try at Your Next Day Spa Visit

The American Med Spa Association supports the addition of self-care to a person’s health routine. A visit to the spa every week can de-stress and renew your body and mind. It can reenergize you for the coming work week. But choosing the right treatments can be confusing. Here are the top five treatments that you can try the next time you visit your favorite day spa.






This is a simple spa treatment for removing the layer of tired skin. It can also remove peach fuzz or fine vellus hairs from your skin. Dermaplaning needs a sterile scalpel for the face. This is the way to strip the layer of dead skin without harming the healthy layer underneath. You will experience a deep type of exfoliation with this treatment. Here are the results that you should expect:


  • Reduction of fine lines.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Reduction of acne scars.
  • Makes other treatments more effective. 
  • Removal of fine facial hair. 


Dermaplaning will neither result in more facial hair nor faster facial hair growth. This treatment goes deeper than regular dermabrasion. After you get it, your skincare products will be able to reach the deeper layers of your skin. You can have at least four sessions to start the routine. Then, you will need to maintain this treatment because the skin constantly replaces its outer layer.



LED Therapy



Light-emitting diode or LED therapy can treat different skin problems and conditions. It can treat psoriasis, acne, and fine lines. The wellness professional can use blue LED or red LED. Sometimes, a combination of these lights is necessary. Studies show that this noninvasive treatment can promote wound healing by improving cell and tissue growth. Your skin therapist can use LED therapy with other treatments, such as facials, creams, and ointments.



Sedona Mud Wrap



This treatment can detoxify your body and improve your circulation. The mud mixture has minerals from the southwest area of the United States, which have powerful healing properties. It can balance your body and skin again. The warm Sedona mud will make you feel as if you are inside a private cocoon of relaxation. Your wellness professional can also give you a hydrating mask and a scalp massage during this treatment. The Sedona mud wrap can prevent skin impurities and exfoliate the skin. 






Many people use aromatherapy to relax or energize the soul, mind, and body. You can choose organic, natural, or herbal aromatherapy. There are aromatherapy foot or body soaks. Adding essential oils in warm water can release the scent and penetrate your skin. Your local spa can provide aromatherapy treatments in the form of massages, baths, and soaks. Spa products like oils, lotions, and candles can extend this treatment to your home.



Jelly Face Mask



This mask is rich with fresh components in a moisturizing carrageenan base. Your wellness professional will apply this mask to your face and fill your skin with nourishment. The mask itself has a jellylike consistency. It can hydrate, cool, and tone. This mask can also wash, smooth, and wash your skin while reducing swelling. A jelly mask can prevent the clogging of pores, even out the skin’s pigmentation, and encourage healthy skin. 


Your trip to the day spa can be more rewarding if you try any of the mentioned treatments first. At BL Spa, our goal is to provide a calming and renewing experience for all our clients. Please visit our facility in Glendale, Arizona, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 602-675-1776 to set an appointment or inquire about our day spa treatment packages.

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